About Rock Steady Boxing Richmond

Rock Steady Boxing Richmond offers group exercise classes designed specifically for people battling Parkinson\\\'s disease. It has been proven that exercise is just as effective as medication in combating the symptoms and slowing the progression of Parkinson\\\'s. Exercise helps to enhance quality of life, build power, and improve strength, flexibility, and speed. Each 75 minute class offers a variety of activities and benefits - STRETCHING reduces stiffness and rigidity while improving posture; BALANCE AND AGILITY maintain balance reactions and prevent falls; non-contact boxing on the HEAVY BAGS improves power, quickness of movement, and postural awareness; STRENGTHENING makes functional activities easier; work on the SPEED BAGS improves hand-eye coordination and endurance; and SOCIALIZATION before, after, and during class provides a built-in network of friends who are fighting the same battle as you.

Our coaching staff is comprised of fun and creative individuals who are all Rock Steady Boxing certified. Each class plan is designed by a licensed Physical Therapist, Lindsay Nexsen, PT, DPT who has extensive knowledge about Parkinson\\\'s disease and over five years of experience working with this population. Classes are designed for any level of disease progression, from those recently diagnosed with minimal symptoms to those needing support from assistive devices or a caregiver.

Call or email us if you are interested in learning more about the program, observing a class, or scheduling an assessment.

Fighter Testimonials from Rock Steady Richmond:
\\\"My outlook on life with Parkinson\\\'s is better because of the many new friendships I have made with others who are fighting the same battle. I look forward to my classes each week because of both the health benefits and the enjoyment they bring to my life.\\\" - Shawn G.

\\\"I\\\'ve seen little to no degradation of my physical performance in the three years I have been active with the Rock Steady program. Lasting friendships have been made and it is obvious that everyone respects and cares for one another.\\\" - Bob S.

\\\"My favorite thing is feeling welcome. Even at the first class you attend, you will do more than you thought possible!\\\" - Beverly M.

\\\"Rock Steady Boxing has improved my strength, balance, and flexibility. Simple tasks like shaving and brushing my teeth were impacted by Parkinson\\\'s and Rock Steady has improved my ability to perform these tasks.\\\" - Joe D.